5th International Symposium on Non-Surgical
Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control
June 20-22, 2013 - Portland, Oregon, U.S.


Symposium Proceedings
Providing symposium proceedings free-of-charge is key to ACC&D’s mission of advancing non-surgical options for humane cat and dog population control across the globe. Whether you attended the event and are looking for a review, or you could not attend and are seeing presentations for the first time, we are confident that you will find the proceedings both informative and inspiring. We recommend that you begin by reviewing the symposium program and full report for an overview of the symposium. Then continue scrolling down the proceedings webpage to access narrated or videotaped presentations, speaker handouts, poster downloads, and oral presentation/poster abstracts that best match your interests. Enjoy!

Symposium Recap
ACC&D’s 5th International Symposium convened a record 65 speakers and poster authors, and 150-plus guests from six continents and 16 countries. Researchers, academics, veterinarians, veterinary students, animal welfare professionals, public health experts, wildlife biologists, and government officials were all represented, a characteristic of ACC&D symposia that was recognized and appreciated by multiple attendees. As one participant commented, “It was great to see so many people from different backgrounds and interests interacting and collaborating. There is no other conference that brings these stakeholders together in such an interactive and mutually respectful way.”

The symposium took place at a critical juncture in development and use of permanent, non-surgical options for canines and felines. It has been five years since the Michelson Prize & Grants in Reproductive Biology committed up to $75 million in research support and award money to this cause. ACC&D recently released an e-book on fertility control in dogs and cats--the definitive reference guide to this growing field.
Zeuterin™, the first FDA-approved non-surgical sterilant for male dogs, is scheduled to be launched commercially in the U.S. in fall 2013. On June 23, Ark Sciences hosted a Zeuterin observation and training in conjunction with the symposium. The outcome: 56 male dogs zinc neutered, and 19 veterinary professionals certified as Zeuterin providers—the largest Zeuterin training event to date!

Photo Gallery
Check out our photo collections through these links - 5th International Symposium and Zeuterin training
We sincerely appreciate the guests, speakers, poster authors, veterinary students, and volunteers who made the Symposium a resounding success. We also acknowledge Symposium sponsors, listed below, with sincere gratitude. Their generosity allowed us to keep registration fees low, supported travel expenses for speakers who would otherwise have been able to attend the Symposium, and ultimately made it possible for ACC&D to offer this unique event.
Thank You Symposium Sponsors!