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International Symposia

ACC&D has held five international symposia to bring together researchers, academics, veterinarians, animal welfare professionals, and other stakeholders in cat and dog fertility control. Our 5th International Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Methods of Pet Population Control was held June 20-22, 2013, in Portland, Oregon, U.S. We were pleased to convene 65 speakers and poster authors, and 150-plus guests from six continents and 16 countries.  

On June 23, 2013, Ark Sciences hosted a ZeuterinTM observation and training in conjunction with the Symposium.  The outcome: 56 male dogs zinc neutered, and 19 veterinary professionals certified as ZeuterinTM providers—the largest ZeuterinTM training event to date!

We invite you to view online proceedings from the 5th International Symposium presentations, posters, and abstracts. You may also want to visit the proceedings from earlier Symposia; unique topics have been covered at the different events.

To visit our 5th International Symposium page, click here

Proceedings of prior  Symposia

4th International Symposium (2010) 
3rd International Symposium (2006)
2nd International Symposium (2004)
1st International Symposium (2002)


The E-BOOK: Contraception and Fertility Control in Dogs and Cats

Updated and expanded in 2013, the 154 page Contraception and Fertility Control in Dogs and Cats is the definitive reference guide to the growing and dynamic field of non-surgical methods and research to manage reproduction in these animals.  Find out more and download a FREE copy HERE

Scientific Think Tanks
ACC&D Think Tanks convene multi-disciplinary groups to focus on specific opportunities for advancing our mission. Topics include areas of science with potential to lead to non-surgical sterilants, as well as related areas of research that need to be advanced for future sterilant technologies to be used most effectively and efficiently. To find out  more about the Think Tanks and to read outcome reports from each, please click here.

ACC&D Surveys of Veterinarians
ACC&D Non-surgical Sterilization Study: Veterinarian Attitude and Awareness Survey
Report on ACC&D-commissioned survey of 200 U.S. private practice veterinarians' perspectives of surgical sterilization and potential of non-surgical alternatives.

ACC&D Non-surgical Sterilization Study: Shelter Veterinarian Attitude and Awareness Survey  
Report on ACC&D-commissioned survey of 240 U.S. shelter veterinarians' perspectives of surgical sterilization and potential of non-surgical alternatives.

Product Profile and Position Pieces (PPPPs)
ACC&D is working to build a library of PPPP's on contraceptive and sterilant technologies which are currently available. Please note that most currently-available approaches do not meet our priorities of being demonstrated to be safe, effective, and permanent in one treatment. However, because these products are available, we often receive questions about them, and we hope the information in these documents will help those who are considering these products make the best decision for the animals in their care. Please visit again soon as we'll be adding products to this section routinely.

Zeuterin/EsterilSol™ (See also our Zeuterin/EsterilSol page)

Gonacon™ (GnRH-hemocyanin conjugate immunocontraceptive vaccine) formulations

Megestrol Acetate (MA)

FeralStat™ (Note: This document is in the process of being updated to reflect that FeralStat is no longer on the market. However, the resource may be helpful for those considering using an equivalent dosage of the active ingredient, megestrol acetate.)

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Resources
Calcium Chloride has been researched as an intratesticular injection for non-surgical sterilization of male dogs and cats. Click here to read ACC&D's Statement and Recommendations, which includes links to a literature review and other resources.

Other Resources
Wildlife Contraception
Issues, Methods, and Applications (Zoo and Aquarium Biology and Conservation Series) (Hardcover) by Cheryl S. Asa, Ingrid J. Porton

Animal Welfare Information Center Resource Series No. 28 - January 2009

Compiled and edited by:  Kristina M. Adams M.S.
National Agricultural Library, U.S. Department of Agriculture
This publication provides a comprehensive listing of the literature published on the broad topic of spaying and neutering cats and dogs, including sections on chemical, hormonal and immunological alternatives to surgery.