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Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs Resource Library

ACC&D is committed to providing scientifically based and educational materials on non-surgical sterilization—and making them available to you at no cost. So join us in our virtual resource library and access all of the reference material we have to offer! If you have suggestions for further resources we can provide, we’d welcome your recommendations; just email us at


Contraception and Fertility Control in Dogs and Cats is the definitive, free guide to non-surgical methods to manage cat and dog reproduction. 

Legislative Info

Definitions of animal “sterilization” vary widely internationally and within the United States. Want to know where your U.S. state fits in? 

2nd Int'l Symposium

View complete proceedings from ACC&D's 2004 Symposium. 


5th Int'l Symposium

View complete proceedings from ACC&D's 2013 Symposium. 

Product Profiles

Our Product Profile and Position Papers offer objective, scientific information on currently available non-surgical fertility control options.  

Position Statements

View ACC&D’s position statements on research, journal articles, and organizational initiatives with relevance to dog and cat fertility control.

4th Int'l Symposium

View complete proceedings from ACC&D's 2010 Symposium. 

Veterinary Surveys

Learn about how both private practice and shelter veterinarians view non-surgical sterilization in the results of these ACC&D-commissioned surveys.

Product Chart

In efforts to disseminate information about non-surgical fertility control options, ACC&D has distilled product information into a quick reference guide. 


3rd Int'l Symposium
View complete proceedings from ACC&D's 3rd International Symposium, held in 2006.