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ACC&D’s mission is to expedite the successful introduction of methods to non-surgically sterilize dogs and cats and to support the distribution and promotion of these products to humanely control cat and dog populations worldwide. We additionally have interest and expertise in subjects that complement this mission, including modeling of free-roaming cat and dog populations and methods of identifying non-surgically sterilized animals. When news, organizations, and research related to our field arise, ACC&D plays an important role in interpreting new science and claims. We are an independent organization with no financial ties to any company or product sales, and we have found that our role as a watchdog, and our commitment to data and sound science, are as essential as our efforts to advance non-surgical options.

600 Million Stray Dogs Need You

"600 Million" is actively fundraising for a single-dose oral sterilant for male and female cats and dogs. Unfortunately, the campaign lacks transparency, data, and results.


JAVMA TNR article (McCarthy et al. 2013)

In 2013, JAVMA published results of a modeling study advocating vasectomies and hysterectomies (versus traditional spay/neuter or lethal control) in feral cat management. 



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