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Non-surgical Solutions

“What’s available now for dogs and cats?”

This is a question we hear often at ACC&D! Some people ask because they would prefer not to surgically sterilize their dog or cat, can’t afford the procedure, or because their pet has a condition that prevents safe use of anesthesia. Others care for free-roaming cats and dream of a way to manage populations without the cost and stress of trapping, transporting, and surgically sterilizing the animals. Still others recognize the savings of resources and money that non-surgical options can offer to animal shelters.

Whatever your reason for learning more, this is your gateway to information about available non-surgical fertility control products. The first three products listed below have received regulatory approval in one or more countries, for cats and/or dogs, and for males and/or females. Calcium chloride-ethyl alcohol is a compounded formulation, and as such has not undergone regulatory approval or been studied extensively.

See the chart below to see what is available in the country of relevance to you.

Zeuterin™ (not currently available)
Progestin contraceptives
Calcium Chloride

In addition to Zeuterin, Infertile™ in Brazil and Gonazon™ in the European Union have approval for long-term or permanent fertility control but are not presently marketed for use. We have omitted from this list treatments and products that offer merely short-term contraception.

If you’d like to learn about products currently in development for companion animal species, please visit this page.

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w/ regulatory approval

w/ regulatory approval

w/ regulatory



   Not currently being

Dog* Male
United States

Ark Sciences Intratesticular injection
   (deslorelin acetate)
Dog** Male
New Zealand, Australia, E.U.

Virbac Implant

& Cat

& Male



Oral or injection

   Calcium chloride - ethyl
    alcohol (compounded
    non-surgical sterilant)
Data on
Dogs & Cats
Data on

None approved. Ingredients available worldwide.

Compounded product**** Intratesticular injection

* This product has approval in Colombia for male cats but is not known to be in use there. 

** Suprelorin has regulatory approval for contraception of male dogs. For information on its “off-label” use in cats and female dogs, please see our Research and Innovation section.

*** There are several types of progestin contraceptives with different profiles and durations of action. Contraceptives in this category are manufactured by multiple companies using a variety of product names.

**** Since this is a compounded formulation, there is no product manufacturer. However, the company Calcium Chloride Castration sells pre-measured pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride dihydrate in a sterile bottle to veterinarians who wish to use this method for sterilization.

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