Ethical decision-making in innovation for animal welfare

Practical guidance for ethical decision-making in field projects for animal welfare 

New publication to help navigate ethical dilemmas

Are you creating new programs to help dogs and cats? Need help thinking through the ethical dilemmas and challenges that this creates? We can help! Download our new resource on ethical decision-making for field projects targeting dogs and cats.


Guidance_coverOne takeaway from ACC&D’s Think Tank on ethical decision-making was that there is limited ethical guidance and oversight for conducting fieldwork designed to benefit animals, be it research studies or projects like rabies vaccination or community spay-neuter initiatives.

Sure, there’s work on research ethics in laboratory animals and vulnerable human populations, as well as in wildlife. But these don’t really touch on the human element of working with owned or community animals in a field setting. 

And we feel that the lack of ethical guidance, specifically for field projects targeting dogs and cats, is a problem. Ultimately, we all want to do as much good as possible for animals, their guardians, and their communities, and there should be a network of support to do this!

This motivated ACC&D's Flagship Initiative to help address this gap. With contributions from a host of experts, we’ve created an ethics guidance document that discusses different ethical principles and how they may shape peoples’ attitudes toward conducting studies or research projects, the process of ethical review, and ethical considerations to keep in mind when designing a project. Case studies showcase successful programs, as well as those that have faced challenges. We aim to provide practical guidance that you can use as you design, implement, and review your programs or projects. 

Thank you to the William and Charlotte Parks Foundation for providing financial support to develop this resource!

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