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Products currently available for cat and dog contraception are the tip of the iceberg! GonaConTM and SuprelorinTM (for cats and female dogs) are two products in development stages. GonaConTM formulations have been studied in cats and dogs of both sexes; at present, ACC&D is optimistic about its potential for female cats, particularly free-roaming populations. SuprelorinTM, which is approved in the EU, Australia, and New Zealand for contraception of male dogs, has shown promise for felines as well as female dogs.

The regulatory approval process for new products is neither quick nor inexpensive. Consequently, it will take time for new options to become available. The fact that new potential products are being explored—and The Michelson Prize & Grants program has energized the field with generous grant funds and a $25 million award—offers great hope for the field and the animals that non-surgical fertility control will benefit.

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If you’d like to learn about products currently available for companion animal species, please visit our Available Products page.

Please note: As with our Available Products section, we limit discussion of products under development to those that offer long-term or permanent fertility control. Short-term contraceptive options (<6 months) are omitted from this list.

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