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ACC&D's International Symposia on Non-Surgical Methods of Fertility Control

Since 2002, ACC&D has held periodic International Symposia to share advances in the field and to connect those both interested and already involved. We love these events, hosting those charting this new terrain and enabling lasting relationships. You can view proceedings from our most recent symposium, in 2018, on this page.

2013 Symposium Attendee Profiles

Our Symposia bring together those who may not otherwise meet; it’s a diverse gathering for a common cause.

Feedback on our 5th International Symposium

The 2018 ACC&D conference was cutting edge and inspirational. We of course, need the non-surgical tools in the field now, but as we hear from all aspects of those involved with their development and use, and share our own ideas and experience, we can make better, kinder and more efficient choices in how they are created and delivered. ACC&D is very good at bringing everyone together in a space where we can respectfully discuss the pros and cons openly and without judgement.

-Emma Clifford, Founder and Executive Director, Animal Balance

The ACC&D's 6th International Symposium was well organized, the atmosphere was very friendly and the academic and scientific relevancy was clear. Thank you all! I'm looking forward to the 7th symposium.

-Tal Raz, Reproductive biologist and theriogenologist, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, The Hebrew University, Israel

This symposium once again united people from hard core science to out in the field. That breadth resulted in so many great presentations it was difficult to choose. I'm really excited about some of the upcoming possibilities for non-surgical contraception now! And I have a much better understanding of what some of the more promising options are and how they will be progressing.

-Margaret Slater, Senior Director, Research and Development, ASPCA

Proceedings from ACC&Ds Prior Symposia
Providing Symposium proceedings (including abstracts, PowerPoint slides, and, when possible, audio- and/or video-recorded presentations) at no cost is key to ACC&D's mission of advancing non-surgical options for humane cat and dog population control across the globe. Questions or comments? Please e-mail us at!



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