Become a Partner

ACC&D's Organizational Partners Program

We invite you to join ACC&D's Organizational Partners Program and help advance non-surgical fertility control! 

Current partners include animal shelters, spay/neuter clinics, animal welfare organizations, foundations, academic institutions, veterinarians, public health programs, and other entities. They share a belief in the lifesaving potential of non-surgical sterilization for cats and dogs. There is no cost to become an organizational partner (though some partners are also financial supporters), and your level of involvement is up to you.

As an organizational partner, you:

  • Position your organization, university, or company as innovative and progressive in your beliefs about ending pet homelessness.
  • Reach new audiences through your organization's name on ACC&D's website.
  • Receive discounted registration at ACC&D's International Symposia.
  • And, most importantly, play a vital role in getting new tools developed and available as soon as possible!

Joining the Organizational Partners Program is easy!

  • You submit a letter of support to help us demonstrate support and demand for new non-surgical fertility control tools. We even have veterinary school and U.S., international (non-U.S.), and local/regional organization templates to get you started!
  • We send you e-mails with updates, resources, and stories about the field.
  • We are happy to send you materials on non-surgical fertility control and ACC&D to help you promote this important work! Just contact us.
Ready to become an organizational partner? Click here to join now!