Power in Partnership

Join our Council of Stakeholders

ACC&D is a nonprofit catalyst for innovation in veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and public health by way of non-surgical fertility control for dogs and cats. Proper stewardship is vital to the success of ACC&D’s work, to the development of non-surgical sterilants, and to ensuring their availability for the communities and animals who will benefit most. Our Council of Stakeholders program makes it possible for leaders to join us in advancing and monitoring this emerging field, providing core funding that enables ACC&D to more effectively utilize our resources toward programmatic work

Indeed, ACC&D’s success is critical to our Council members’ diverse missions and goals:

  • To advance innovative veterinary research that improves pet health and well-being
  • To end euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats
  • To foster communities in which people value and protect the lives of animals
  • To support lifesaving programs for dogs and cats
  • To maximize efficiency and impact in preventing unwanted births and saving more lives

ACC&D makes it possible for Council members to focus on the future without distracting from today’s work, today’s impact, to improve animal welfare.

As a member of ACC&D’s Council of Stakeholders, you will join executives from nonprofits and foundations for valuable learning, networking, and partnerships to advance initiatives with social value and advance your lifesaving work. 

Corporations and individual donors are also sought to provide additional support and diversity on ACC&D’s Council of Stakeholders. Council members have selected to invest at one of two levels: the Visionary Circle ($25,000 or more per year for three years) and Sustaining Partners (between $10,000 and $25,000 per year for three years).

We welcome you to contact us at info@acc-d.org to learn more about joining us and creating a literal paradigm shift in how we care for animals.

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