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Research & Innovation

We invite you to use this page as a jumping-off point to learn about non-surgical sterilization approaches currently being explored, plus products under development but not yet commercially available for dogs or cats. Here you can also learn about ACC&D’s innovative initiatives to help ensure successful implementation of non-surgical products. (Want to learn more about products you can use now? Visit our Available Products page.)

Non-surgical approaches and methods
There is not just one single method of non-surgical fertility control. Learn about the many approaches being studied.

Michelson Prize & Grants 
An impressive $75 million has been committed to advancing non-surgical fertility control for cats and dogs. Find out about research grants and a $25 million prize!

ACC&D Think Tanks
ACC&D’s Think Tanks convene diverse experts to address issues vital to non-surgical sterilization and animal welfare. Some have given rise to ACC&D flagship initiatives.

ACC&D flagship initiatives
Learn about our ongoing projects, some launched during Think Tanks, to enhance the benefits of non-surgical fertility control.

Research & Innovation


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